Fraternity Champion

Effective Chapter Management with Less Work

Between school and running your chapter, are you finding it hard to enjoy a social life? Do you feel that there should be an easier way to make it all happen and still be successful?


·   Tracking a brother’s personal information in a timely manner

·   Activities that are well managed, easy to sign up for, have visibility within your chapter and are well attended by your brothers.

·   Chapter finances that are organized including standardized invoicing and easy payment methods

·   Chapter files and photos that are centrally located for easy access and historically maintained for your successors

·   A web site that is dynamically updated with the most current information and not dependent on a sole webmaster

·   A calendar of activities and meetings that is up to date and provides personal, committee and chapter information

Any of this sound desirable? We have an integrated solution that is web based and ready to be the tool for your success!

After four years of research, observation, development and testing within a fraternity, we released Fraternity Champion. We looked at the roles and re­sponsibilities; we came to understand the pain of managing a chapter and we developed a series of solutions. In this package there is something for everyone.

Chapter management does not have to be hard or time consuming, and with the right tools, it shall get easier. We promise.

We are Promises Kept, a leader in Fraternity Chapter Management Software.
Promises Kept is building software to better your Fraternity/Sorority Chapters.


Key Features at a Glance

Internet Based – Access it anywhere, anytime. Knowledge retention from year to year without the disorganization of passing on a box of papers.

Centralized Member Database - Extensive, complete, easy to update. Capture information on your brothers, print out a directory and send email update re¬quests.

Internal Email System - Send email within your chapter or fraternity without knowing a specific email address. All emails are stored so you can refer back if needed.

Ledger System - Organizes the chapter's books in a consistent usable manner. Year to year analysis, bulk invoicing, weekly reports, and easy payments.

Activity Management – Plan, advertise, conduct and succeed. More brothers will be aware and able to sign up and attend your activities.

Committee System
– Build structure and knowledge retention utilizing forum dis¬cussions. Secure sensitive data files in committee depositories with restricted access.

Calendar System
- Public (on the website), Global, Committee and Personal. Each brother has 4 tiers of information so no chapter event is missed. Calendars can send email reminders. All calendars can be “Broadcast” via email; to show the month at a glance.

Dynamic Web - Conveys professional impression, the chapter controls content - No knowledge of HTML programming required.

News Reports - Your chapter can post your own quick newspaper articles to your website. Coming in May, these articles can be formatted so that they will make a PDF newsletter that can be sent out.

We can show you the complete system, via live web conferencing at your convenience.  Very low cost, month-to-month contract, no tech support fees.

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