Committee Online

Problem Statements –

• Staying in Touch - Communication between members of a volunteer organization is often difficult. Between busy schedules, traffic, and other commitments, staying in sync with other members of a committee is complicated and can reduce each member’s effectiveness and participation level.

• Timely Information – Disseminating information within a group typically falls to one or two people, making the information flow dependent on their schedules.

• Continuity of Knowledge - As members join and leave a committee, a knowledge void is created as new members have little or no access to previous notes, reports, or meeting minutes created by those no longer there.

• Affordable Communication Tools - Committees need to disseminate and publish information (reports and meeting minutes) in the most economical and easiest method possible.

• Publicizing Events - Organizations and committees need to publish a calendar of events.

• Communicating Without “Traditional” Meetings - Organizations and committees need to have a place where creative ideas and discussions can be held without holding a “traditional” meeting.

• Centralized File and Photo depository - Organizations need a secure location to place documents and photographs that only their members can access.

• Event Management is probably the hardest task for any organization. There are hundreds of small details that need accounting for. Managing people, resources, and time can be overwhelming.
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Overview –

This system is for any organization that relies on committees to support its mission, including charities, churches, volunteer organizations (volunteer police and fire departments) or private organizations. The size of the organization is not limited – it can be a small group of three people, or a hundred-member organization with 40 different committees.

This system is Internet-based, making it accessible to everyone, at any time, from anywhere, using a web browser. There is no software to load onto a local computer, making it convenient and simple to use. Your data is securely stored on our data servers, which are backed-up nightly, and secured in an off-site vault. If you need high encryption (SSL-3), we offer it.
Features and Benefits -
• Report Creation System (RCS) – This allows members to create committee reports that can be viewed by anyone in which the author has given permission. A report can be of any length.

With RCS members can create detailed reports from their offices, homes, on the road, or whenever they have time. Approved users can then view the reports online. Additionally, these reports are permanently stored at Promises Kept, allowing new members to view them at any time to research how a problem or situation was handled or solved in the past. This helps to fill the information knowledge void.

• Committees – There can be an unlimited number of committees and members. Committees can be created for long-term (Executive Committee) or short-term (Holiday Party) usage. Members are permanently stored in the system, so reader make contact if need be.

Each committee has its unique schedule. With CommitteeOnline, each committee can create an internal or external calendar of events. External calendars can be viewed by persons outside of the organization, greatly facilitating communication among the committee members.

• Global Calendar - Each organization needs a central information resource for its members. This global calendar can be used to disseminate information to all members. All calendar entries have the day and time, both a short description of the event and a more detailed description, and a chairperson as a point of contact.

• All calendars (that have been approved for public viewing) can be linked to the organization’s website.

Cost –

With CommitteeOnline there is no expensive software purchase, annual maintenance or support contract. You just rent the software for as long as you want. The cost per month is based upon the number of users that need access to only the internal secure portions of CommitteeOnline. These users would be able to create reports, participate in committee activities, have access to the internal file depository and have access to the event and task managers (if rented).

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