Promises Kept Software, LLC

Cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS) is all the current rage for Non-Profits. Promises Kept Software delivered their first web based, database driven, application in 1999. Sixteen years of tremendous growth and acceptance has meant that we have looked into the needs of our clients and delivered applications that not only satisfied their current needs, but their future needs, in a secure, reliable web browser environment.

For you the ability to have to have your volunteers, staff and clients all contributing on their own schedule, from the office, to their homes late at night, or from their favorite coffee house. Unencumbered productivity from all.

Knowledge retention. For so many organizations, when a volunteer or staff member departs, so does their knowledge. Our proven system of committees, document depositories, calenders, and captured emails (both incoming and outgoing) allow for their replacement to get up to speed with a minimum of wasted time and errors.

We are Promises Kept Software.



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